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Chopped carbon fiber

Elevate your projects with our versatile Chopped Carbon Fibers, available in 3mm and 6mm lengths, and offering a variety of sizing materials for customization. These high-quality fibers are not only ideal for reinforcing composites but also excel in applications where electrical conductivity, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, and low thermal expansion are paramount.

  • Harness the remarkable electrical conductivity of our carbon fibers, making them perfect for applications where conductivity is essential, such as in electronics and aerospace. 
  • Experience the benefits of fatigue resistance, ensuring longevity in high-stress environments. 
  • Our fibers also offer exceptional wear resistance, making them indispensable for applications exposed to abrasion and friction. 
  • Additionally, their low thermal expansion properties ensure stability across a wide temperature range. 

Whether you're enhancing the rigidity of 3D-printed parts, reinforcing structural composites, or tackling innovative projects, our chopped carbon fibers deliver superior mechanical properties, lightweight construction, corrosion resistance, and easy handling and dispersion, making them a versatile choice for a multitude of applications.

Epoxy random chop

Epoxy Random Chopped Fiber
MCF Epoxy random chop

Urethane chop

Urethane Chopped Fiber
MCF Urethane chop

Nylon chop

Nylon chopped carbon fiber
MCF Nylon chop

Non-sizing chop

Nonsizing chopped carbon fiber
MCF Non-sizing chop

Pultrusion carbon products

NEW! We offer a variety of round and rectangular pultruded carbon sticks and pipes. These products will be in full production by the end of 2023.

Carbon Pipe (line processed)

MCF Carbon Pipe
MCF Carbon Pipe

Carbon Stick (processed 3)

MCF Carbon Stick (processed 3)
MCF Carbon Stick (processed 3)

Carbon Stick (processed 1)

MCF Carbon Stick (processed 1)
MCF Carbon Stick (processed 1)

Carbon Stick (processed 2)

MCF Carbon Stick (processed 2)
MCF Carbon Stick (processed 2)

Carbon Square Pipe

MCF Square Carbon Pipe
MCF Carbon Square Pipe

Carbon Quadrangle Pipe

MCF Quadrangle Pipe
MCF Carbon Quadrangle Pipe


We purchase scraps and carbon waste products for recycling.

Other carbon products

MCF America also has expertise in other carbon products that we may offer in the future, such as milled carbon fiber and carbon fiber paper. Please contact us if you have an interest in any of these product categories.